Hosting on a budget, a short analysis

by Bastet on June 18, 2023

With rising problems with single point of failure platforms and net neutrality not only recently i see that we need to start hosting on our own again and stop relying on third party services. Most people nowadays just use someone elses service, maybe out of convenience or out of not knowing how to do it themselves. The problem with this is that you and your data become the product, and sometimes even the ransom, of someone else.

In this little article i want to go over the possibilities of hosting your own stuff yourself without relying too much on third parties owning a single point of failure.


Pocket Pet Rogue - Part 2 - The Hardware

by Bastet on June 05, 2022

In this post i want to talk about the hardware for our little game, what would be the bare minimum, what is broadly available from different vendors for the foreseeable future and what is affordable. I will be trying to stay below 35€ per unit for a small batch production, including PCB, display, MCU, case and the miscellaneous small parts. There will also be the option to ghetto together your own from parts you might even have in the drawers, much like the Arduboy. When designing this i will take notes from the design philosophy of the legendary Gunpei Yokoi. Withered technology, stuff that is proven and does the job.


Little update to the blogware

by Bastet on May 22, 2022

Did a little quality of life update to the editor of the blogware, you can now enable JS support to add element templates.
And some update to the sites CSS for some responsiveness, the site should now show up as intended on small screens like smartphones too.

Check the code out on Github:

Pocket Pet Rogue - Part 1 - Design Document

by Bastet on May 17, 2022

This is the design document for Pocket Pet Rogue, my little game project for a, at the time of writing, yet to be made handheld. We will use this to plan out and execute the rest on my learning journey on how to make a game and a game system.

See Part 0 for my general battle plan or check after the break for what i have on my mind for the game.


Pocket Pet Rogue - Part 0 - Planning

by Bastet on May 05, 2022

I asked what you want, got answers from you and now ye shall receive. You wanted some gamedev and i have this idea of a virtual pet RPG mix-up on mind for long enough to write it down and bring it do fruition. No clue yet if and how i market the final project, if this leads to something playable and fun i might start a Kickstarter, if not at least we all learnt something. I hope. ^^'

Either way all design documents and code will end up on Github. If you want to make a version of the game yourself you should be able to. And in the end i would be a very happy kitty if people started modding the living hell out of Pocket Pet Rogue.


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