My new blog

by Bastet on April 29, 2022

Yay, i am starting a blog.
On my homebrewn blogware.
Written in Dotnet.
Let's see where this will lead us, shall we?

I had the idea of my own blog on mind for quite some time and finally got around starting it. Yes i could have simply used some freemium service out there, but that would go against my philosophy of that i love to have full control over my own data. Or used some full blown software package like Drupal or Wordpress, but these tend to be resource hogs. With my own software i can make sure that you can read my blog with any hardware, even retro devices as long as you use a SSL proxy. Heck, even the admin interface is written with low spec hardware in mind. I could write a blog article on Arachne if i want. Lean, mean and efficient, results in fever machines being taken to the tip.
And if i can get more people into repair and reuse instead of simply recycling or even just throwing away then that would make me a happy kitty.

Now what will the topics be on this blog, let's make a list of what to expect here. If this are topics that interest you then get a chair and follow along.

The underlying blog software will be released under MIT soon so that people that would love to run a blog that won't be a big resource hog to client and server can do that too. The RPi on the shelf next to the router or that 10€ per year lowspec vServer is more than enough to run my software.
The time on the server is 2024-02-24 14:16:02 - Login